Design Process

Checkout our t-shirt and tie-dye process.

What design means to us?

At Dxxdle the word design is loosely used. We’re not looking to make things super easy to read or understand. We get a kick out of making hidden intricate sh*t! Everything we design is from our imagination and never from someone else’s creation.


Step 1: Drawing

All of our designs are hand-drawn. They normally come out of our deep-state drawing sessions. Where our minds wander and the ink follows. Give us a pen, paper and we’ll draw for hours. It can get pretty intense.

Drawing Sesh while in Sunny Florida

Sometimes we draw with the intention of making a dope shirt. Other times, we’ll take a portion of a deep-state drawing session.

Either way, the drawings are processed and evaluated through our patented Dope-A-Meter for approval.

Step 2: Scanning, Editing

Let’s take our hand-drawn design from Step 1 and scan it into the computer.

We we use a combination of Adobe products, Photoshop + Illustrator, to remove anything weird, cleaning up some edges and edit the contrast of our drawing. This step is super crucial for that extra crispy look.

Nothing is fundamentally changed while editing.

Photoshop of IG Post for Mac Miller

Step 3: Kick Back

It’s very important for us to take a break after finishing a design. Especially after a deep-state drawing session where we’re putting everything from our mind on to paper. Our minds are vegetables and we’re completely out of creative juice.

To recharge our creative juices we kick back, relax and drink a 6-pack. After a deep-state drawing session, Doctors recommend drinking two 6-packs!

Checkout our t-shirt and tie-dye process.

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